What We Stand For

developing your own trading system

Our main focus is to develop independent profitable traders. You will receive access to all the tools needed to create your own trading system. CHARTENGINEERS will help you build a tailor-made trading plan.

Recognise what works and what doesn't

When you become a Chart Engineer you will be testing your own trading strategy, you will do this by collecting stats from old price data to see how you would have performed. This is an essential part of your trade development at CHARTENGINEERS.


To become an independent profitable trader you will have to gain consistency. Being consistent as a trader means that your actions are not random. Instead, your actions have to be well organised and in line with your strategy. The CHARTENGINEERS platform will guide you to achieve this.

How to manage emotions

Professional trading comes with a lot of emotions. We believe that through the correct methods we are able to suppress our emotions to stop irrational decision making. The CHARTENGINEERS community will be available to guide you through the process.

Risk Management

CHARTENGINEERS don’t believe in luck. You must see trading as the combination of many single trades, which altogether grow your capital. Therefore, we strongly believe in using a fixed risk percentage and a risk-to-reward system.

Adapting to the market conditions

The markets are constantly changing, recognizing these changes quickly and adapting to them is an essential skill to own. CHARTENGINEERS will provide concepts around this, so you will always be prepared to trade.

Know how to be content with your current strategy

A Lot of traders are looking for the holy grail, but in the end, it’s all about simplicity and being consistent with your current strategy. If you have a proven winning strategy there is no need to change it, however, we can always improve it by using the data collected through journaling our trades.

How to find and maintain motivation

Trading can be very hard at times, however, here at CHARTENGINEERS, you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are all striving for the same goals. This way you will always be triggering yourself to raise the bar.

Games rigged

Even a rigged game is fun to play at CHARTENGINEERS.

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